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How do I refer other parents?

Refer other parents and you both get $15


Register for activities and tell friends and family about ActivityHero.

Your friends register for paid camps and classes using your referral link.

Friends register for activities

You’ll earn $15 ActivityHero credit and so will your friends!

You both get rewarded

Bonus: When you and your friends register for paid activities before February 28, 2023, you'll both be entered into a raffle to win $300 cash.*

How do I earn provider referral rewards?

Earn over $500 in cash, credits, and gift cards!

Refer a Friend


Is there a kids program you want to see in our marketplace? 

Business sells camps or classes in the ActivityHero marketplace.

Business joins ActivityHero

You’ll earn $250 cash and the business will get a $250 credit.*

You both get rewarded

Bonus: Get a $30 Amazon gift card when you refer 3 businesses, even before they join ActivityHero! And you will be entered into a raffle to win a $300 cash prize.*

Refer a Business