What we do

For Parents

We are the one-stop-shop for parents to find activities for all their kids, enabling parents to spend more quality time with their children.

For Kids

We give children easy access to a rich diversity of activities that propel them to be successful and accomplished in their life and career pursuits. 

For Activity Providers

We help activity providers stay focused on what they are passionate about.

As moms, we know firsthand how hard it used to be to plan kids’ camps and activities. We got tired of calling to check availability, filling out endless paper registration forms, and mailing checks! We decided that shopping for activities should be just as easy as shopping online for books, airline tickets, or shoes. And as Silicon Valley veterans — with experience at companies like Intuit, Disney, Billeo, and IP Locks — we knew what it would take to turn our idea into a working business.

In 2012, we launched ActivityHero.com, the first online marketplace to list thousands of camps, classes, workshops, and kids’ nights out. We focused on the San Francisco Bay Area at first, but soon expanded nationally. Today, families across the country are using the site to discover new activity providers, read reviews, check schedules, and register online.

We hope ActivityHero makes your planning easier, too. Welcome!


Peggy & Shilpa

Co-founders of ActivityHero

Our Story

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