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ActivityHero's email newsletter includes personalized recommendations for each family. Each spot links to the corresponding ActivityHero activity. Be sure to have your schedules on ActivityHero to be eligible for placement in the newsletter.

Your activity will appear in the "Featured" section or in the relevant in-person or online activity lists.

In-person camps and classes are promoted to families in your local area. Online activities reach families nationwide.

Boost your activity to guarantee placement in our email newsletter

  • $100 fee per boost
  • 20,000 local families  (40,000 families when boosting an online activity)
  • Select Boost Activity in the Activity Manager of your Provider Dashboard

Dedicated emails

Your camps and classes are featured exclusively in a dedicated email blast. The email will include your image, text and link(s) to your ActivityHero listing. 

A nationwide dedicated email is available for current customers and brand advertisers on select dates. Prices start at $2,500 per email date. Contact us for more information. 


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Exclusive Email

How often are email newsletters sent out?
Email newsletters are sent on Sundays and Thursdays. Dedicated emails are sent on Tuesdays.

What links can I use in my ads?
All email spots link to your ActivityHero provider page or activity listings.

Email FAQ

BONUS: Reach up to 300,000 families nationwide for $500 if you are promoting an online or nationwide activity. Pay here to get the discount. Order must be placed at least 2 days before your desired newsletter date.

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