Best of 2020 

ActivityHero Awards


$200 in ActivityHero Boost Credit for you

$150 in ActivityHero Boost Credit for you

50 Businesses will win a Best of 2020 Award 
Top 3 will win ActivityHero Prizes

How to Win an ActivityHero Best of 2020 Award

Check your Listing

Get Reviews 

Boost Your Odds

Make sure you have active sessions that are currently accepting registrations on

You'll need 3 reviews from families to qualify (from 2020). Post on social and email your camp families!

  Every vote gives you one entry, and every positive review after June 7th gives you three entries. A minimum of 50 votes is required for a Best Of Award.

Contest Details

What is the timeline for the ActivityHero Best of 2020 contest?

How are Winners determined?

How can I improve my odds of winning an ActivityHero Best Of 2020 Award?

Ask your customers, friends and family to vote for you. Make it easy for them by sharing the link to your free ActivityHero listing page with the "Vote Now" and "Write a Review" buttons. Also, after voters vote, they are prompted to write a customer review. Each vote gives you one entry and each review gives you three entries to the Best Of Awards.

After the end of the contest period, the ActivityHero team will review eligible entries generated by votes and customer reviews. 

The Submission and Voting period is June 8 - July 3, 2020. Winners will be announced on July 6, 2020. 

Is my business eligible to win an ActivityHero Best Of 2020 Award?

Your business must provide children's camps, classes or activities at locations in the US. You must have at least 3 customer reviews published in 2020 and have active sessions on ActivityHero.

How will I know if I won a Best of 2020 Award?

Will buying services from ActivityHero increase my chances of winning?

Absolutely no purchase is required for any type of entry or for eligibility to win. Purchasing from ActivityHero will not increase your chances of becoming a Finalist or Winner. 

All Winners will be contacted via email by an ActivityHero representative once the contest finalists have been reviewed. All winners will be able to display the Best of 2020 Badge on the ActivityHero business page, website and camp marketing materials. 

Best of 2020 contest runs from June 8th - July 3rd, 2020. 



$100 in ActivityHero Boost Credit for you

Marketing Toolkit

Canva Template - edit here.

Canva Template - edit here.

We are excited to have you participate in the ActivityHero Best of 2020 Awards and want to help you make the most of this promotion. In order for you to have as much exposure as possible, we’ve designed a marketing toolkit. Please feel free to use these marketing materials on social media, email marketing or on your website. Please consider using the hashtag #BestofActivityHero 


To have the best possible chance of winning, take a few minutes to do rally your fans now, and send at least 2-3 reminders throughout the voting period. 

  • Send email to present and past families who attend your program.

  • Share the voting link with friends, family and groups you belong to. 

  • Posting on social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc). Encourage your followers to like and comment when they vote to increase visibility on your social media. 

ActivityHero will be promoting the Best of Awards through email marketing, social media and our blog. Tag @activityhero on Facebook or @activity_hero on Instagram and we will also share your posts to generate excitement!

If you win one of our Best of 2020 Awards, you will be able to use the winning logo on your ActivityHero business page and on any of your marketing materials. Your business will also be promoted on the Best of 2020 Guide.

Graphic - download here.

Graphic - download here.

Plus a $200 Gift Card
to give away to a family to attend your camp!

Plus a $150 Gift Card
to give away to a family to attend your camp!

Plus a $100 Gift Card
to give away to a family to attend your camp!

Special Feature
on social media

Special Feature
on social media

Special Feature
on social media

How to Vote

Click on the Best of 2020 badge in the lower right hand corner of your screen when you visit a business page

Share on social after you vote to help your favorite business win!